MC meeting COST-NOAR

MC meeting COST-NOAR

Dear MC members of the COST Action NOAR, I hope you are all well!

The time has come to announce our Action’s next MC meeting, which will be held on the 14th and 15th of October 2021 in Athens, Greece. Travel expenses (economy class) and daily allowances, as well as accommodation costs, will be reimbursed. Detailed rules may be found in the COST Vademecum. Please find attached the Registration Form (Hotel Alexandros, Airotel Group), which should be used to make your reservation. If the MC members of a country cannot participate and MC substitute members have been appointed for this country, all the rules apply to the MC substitute member who will be representing this country.

More details about the meeting will follow soon.

Best Regards
/The NOAR Core Group through Emma Aneheim – Vice Chair

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