The COST Action Network is open to representatives of stakeholders having a true interest from the research and innovation community, industry, public and industrial consortiums, clinics, regulatory affairs and refund and patients associations.


NOAR Action provide access to a global knowledge exchange network that should favour innovation, capacity building and establishment of collaborations at European and international level.


Being a partner of NOAR Action provides a privileged access to innovation in preclinical and clinical research. This should facilitate rapid transfer of innovation from academia to industry.


NOAR Action facilitates development of European clinical studies and information exchange for the benefit of the patients. Clinicians will have the possibility to send some of their patients to dedicated ATNodes, specialised in their pathology. This will not be achieved without a strong effort of policy makers (regulatory affairs and refund) at European level involved in the Network.

Patient Associations

Being a vehicle for disseminating the results obtained during the NOAR Action and informing patients of therapeutic advances will benefit their members. Patients will in turn be able to report this information to their general practitioners and specialists.

A european coomunity & a new model