COST NOAR Third Global Meeting – From 1 to 3 October 2024 in Nantes

COST NOAR Third Global Meeting – From 1 to 3 October 2024 in Nantes

This international Meeting, fully dedicated to astatine-211, aims to convene actors from around the world while emphasizing sustainable practices.

These three days will offer a comprehensive overview of the accomplishments made over the past four years within this European network comprising academic and industrial stakeholders. Bringing together 150 participants from Europe, America, and Asia representing academia and industry, this event will focus on discussing the challenges and prospects in the astatine-211 targeted alpha therapy sector. The agenda includes plenary sessions, industrial presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking slots designed to facilitate meaningful exchanges among attendees. This event underscores the importance of sustainable practices and aims to create an environment conducive to collaboration and knowledge sharing among global stakeholders. Onepoint is located downtown at walking distance from O Deck (Gala dinner), many hotels, train station and served by Nantes Atlantic airport shuttle service. As part of this initiative, there will be no conference bags, all information will be downloadable on a QR code except a badge. Five water fountains will be conveniently located in the exhibition and presentation rooms, allowing participants to refill their water bottles, thus reducing plastic waste.


  • All breaks
  • 2 lunches
  • 1 cocktail reception
  • 1 gala dinner


Academic participants:

Industrial participants:

Payment is due hopefully before 31/08/2024 by bank transfer.

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